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Why should we be charitable?

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When the government legislates charity it isn’t charity at all – it’s a tax, because it is required payment to the government.  Many of us have heard the cliche’ “do you feel charitable at tax time?”  Obviously we don’t, but my reason for this post goes a little bit further and poses the spiritual question of charity.  Several ministers in the spotlight like Jim Wallis, Jeremiah Wright, Tony Campolo and even some not-so-famous like Ron Benefiel, Ron Sider, Tom Nees and their sphere of influence preach extensively on Social Justice and the spiritual or moral implication of it.  They put so much emphasis on Social Justice (which extends into Eco-Justice, Immigration-Justice and who knows what might be next…) that they go so far as to say that Jesus Christ calls us to fight against these ‘injustices’ – that we need to take a stand through our government to pass legislation for these so-called charitable causes.  After all, Jesus did call us to humble ourselves, help the needy, and give to the poor, did He not?  We are supposed to be charitable, right?  It’s morally right to do so, after all…

My question is why does He call us to be charitable in the first place? 

Well, let’s think about this for a second.  Jesus called us to humble ourselves, help the needy and give to the poor.  He never called us to humble ourselves to the government by giving them our charity (i.e. tax) so they can help the needy by distributing it to the poor.  He called us as i-n-d-i-v-i-d-u-a-l-s to do these things, why?

First, because our salvation is individual.  I cannot save you, just as you cannot save me – we will individually stand before God and account for our salvation.  We alone are humble before Him – salvation is NOT collective.

Second, because of our personal relationship to Jesus Christ, and as evidence of the commitment to Him, we will want to be charitable… when all things warrant our idle selfishness we will draw strength from and through Him to do as He called us to do – to be Christ-like.  And what will others see or think when they see us as individuals doing something humble or kind or charitable on our own (not legislatively)?  A receiver might say, “Why is he giving to me?  I was in need and he provided food for me…” or clothing or shelter or whatever the case may be.  The reason he gave was because of Christ!  The glory goes fully to the Lord!  And by our witness, others will come to know Him!

When the government “provides” these things, the government gets glory and not the Lord – He is removed entirely from the picture.  Is it not the Lord who is omniscient and knows our needs before we even speak them?  Although the elite few in the government who pretend to know all do NOT know what people ‘need’.  They just divvy up the welfare according to the Social Security Number of the recipient.  How personally relational is that? 

Lastly, Jesus also said that “we will always have the poor among us” (in other words, poverty cannot be alleviated and poverty will never end) – in fact, He said that to his disciples who were rebuking Mary for pouring a bottle of perfume, worth a year’s wages, on his feet and absorbing His awesome presence and restoration He made in her life.  The implication was from Judas Iscariot that the bottle of perfume could have been sold and ‘given to the poor’, when his real motivation was to have his hand in the treasury for himself.  Jesus made it very clear that our relationship to Him is the most important thing we will ever have – that all others come second, including giving to the poor.  BUT, because of His relationship to us, we will personally want to be like him and personally be charitable to others so that by our witness of His love towards others, they might be won over to Him.

Taking, yes, taking (i.e. taxing), from the wealthier class and redistributing it to the poor is also known as redistribution of wealth, also known as a classless society, also known as Marxism, also known as Communism.

Communism view on God?   It makes perfect sense now, doesn’t it – the government receiving the honor of being ‘charitable’.


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August 19, 2010 at 5:30 am

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