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J. Edgar Hoover’s Antidote for Communism

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Testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee (1947)

March 26, 1947

My feelings concerning the Communist Party of the United States are well known. I have not hesitated over the years to express my concern and apprehension. As a consequence its professional smear brigades have conducted a relentless assault against the FBI. You who have been members of this committee also know the fury with which the party, its sympathizers and fellow travelers can launch an assault. I do not mind such attacks. What has been disillusioning is the manner in which they have been able to enlist support often from apparently well-meaning but thoroughly duped persons.…

The communist movement in the United States began to manifest itself in 1919. Since then it has changed its name and its party line whenever expedient and tactical. But always it comes back to fundamentals and bills itself as the party of Marxism-Leninism. As such, it stands for the destruction of our American form of government; it stands for the destruction of American democracy; it stands for the destruction of free enterprise; and it stands for the creation of a “Soviet of the United States” and ultimate world revolution.…

The communist, once he is fully trained and indoctrinated, realizes that he can create his order in the United States only by “bloody revolution.” Their chief textbook, “The History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union,” is used as a basis for planning their revolution. Their tactics require that to be successful they must have:

The will and sympathy of the people.

Military aid and assistance.

Plenty of guns and ammunition.

A program for extermination of the police as they are the most important enemy and are termed “trained fascists.”

Seizure of all communications, buses, railroads, radio stations, and other forms of communications and transportation.…

One thing is certain. The American progress which all good citizens seek, such as old-age security, houses for veterans, child assistance, and a host of others, is being adopted as window dressing by the communists to conceal their true aims and entrap gullible followers.…

The mad march of Red fascism is a cause for concern in America. But the deceit, the trickery, and the lies of the American communists are catching up with them. Whenever the spotlight of truth is focused upon them they cry, “Red-baiting.” Now that their aims and objectives are being exposed, they are creating a Committee for the Constitutional Rights of Communists, and are feverishly working to build up what they term a quarter-million-dollar defense fund to place ads in papers, to publish pamphlets, to buy radio time. They know that their backs will soon be to the wall.…

What is important is the claim of the communists themselves that for every party member there are 10 others ready, willing and able to do the party’s work. Herein lies the greatest menace of communism. For these are the people who infiltrate and corrupt various spheres of American life. So rather than the size of the Communist Party, the way to weigh its true importance is by testing its influence, its ability to infiltrate. …

The communists have developed one of the greatest propaganda machines the world has ever known. They have been able to penetrate and infiltrate many respectable public opinion mediums. They capitalize upon ill-founded charges associating known honest progressive liberals with left-wing causes. I have always entertained the view that there are few appellations more degrading than “communist” and hence it should be reserved for those justly deserving the degradation.

The communist propaganda technique is designed to promote emotional response with the hope that the victim will be attracted by what he is told the communist way of life holds in store for him. The objective, of course, is to develop discontent and hasten the day when the communists can gather sufficient support and following to overthrow the American way of life.…

Communists and their followers are prolific letter writers, and some of the more energetic ones follow the practice of directing numerous letters of protest to editors but signing a different name to each. Members of Congress are well aware of communists starting their pressure campaigns by an avalanche of mail which follows the party line.…

The American communists launched a furtive attack on Hollywood in 1935 by the issuance of a directive calling for a concentration in Hollywood. The orders called for action on two fronts: One, an effort to infiltrate the labor unions; two, infiltrate the so-called intellectual and creative fields.

In movie circles, communists developed an effective defense a few years ago in meeting criticism. They would counter with the question “After all, what is the matter with communism?” It was effective because many persons did not possess adequate knowledge of the subject to give an intelligent answer.…

I feel that this committee could render a great service to the nation through its power of exposure in quickly spotlighting existing front organizations and those which will be created in the future. There are easy tests to establish the real character of such organizations:

Does the group espouse the cause of Americanism or the cause of Soviet Russia?

Does the organization feature as speakers at its meeting known communists, sympathizers, or fellow travelers?

Does the organization shift when the party line shifts?

Does the organization sponsor causes, campaigns, literature, petitions, or other activities sponsored by the party or other front organizations?

Is the organization used as a sounding board by or is it endorsed by communist-controlled labor unions?

Does its literature follow the communist line or is it printed by the communist press?

Does the organization receive consistent favorable mention in the communist publications?

Does the organization present itself to be nonpartisan yet engage in political activities and consistently advocate causes favored by the communists?

Does the organization denounce American and British foreign policy while always lauding Soviet policy?

Does the organization utilize communist “double-talk” by referring to Soviet dominated countries as democracies, complaining that the United States is imperialistic and constantly denouncing monopoly-capital?

Have outstanding leaders in public life openly renounced affiliation with the organization?

Does the organization, if espousing liberal progressive causes, attract well-known honest patriotic liberals or does it denounce well-known liberals?

Does the organization have a consistent record of supporting the American viewpoint over the years?

Does the organization consider matters not directly related to its avowed purposes and objectives?

The Communist Party of the United States is a fifth column if there ever was one. It is far better organized than were the Nazis in occupied countries prior to their capitulation. They are seeking to weaken America just as they did in their era of obstruction when they were aligned with the Nazis. Their goal is the overthrow of our government. There is no doubt as to where a real communist’s loyalty rests. Their allegiance is to Russia, not the United States.…

What can we do? And what should be our course of action?

The best antidote to Communism is vigorous, intelligent, old-fashioned Americanism with eternal vigilance. I do not favor any course of action which would give the Communists cause to portray and pity themselves as martyrs. I do favor the unrelenting prosecution wherever they are to be found violating our country’s laws.

As Americans, our most effective defense is a workable [republic] that guarantees and preserves our cherished freedoms.

I would have no fears if more Americans possessed the zeal, the fervor, the persistence, and the industry to learn about this menace of Red fascism. I do fear the liberal and progressive who has been hood-winked and duped into joining hands with the Communists. I confess to a real apprehension so long as Communists are able to secure ministers of the gospel to promote their evil work and espouse a cause that is alien to the religion of Christ and Judaism. I do fear so long as school boards and parents tolerate conditions whereby Communists and fellow travelers, under the guise of academic freedom, can teach our youth a way of life that eventually will destroy the sanctity of the home, that undermines faith in God, that causes them to scorn respect for constituted authority and sabotages our revered Constitution. I do fear so long as American labor groups are infiltrated, dominated, or saturated with the virus of Communism. I do fear the palliation and weasel-worded gestures against Communism indulged in by some of our labor leaders who should know better but who have become pawns in the hands of sinister but astute manipulations for the Communist cause.

I fear for ignorance on the part of all our people who may take the poisonous pills of Communist propaganda.

I am deeply concerned whenever I think of the words of an old-time Communist. Disillusioned, disgusted, and frightened he came to us with his story and concluded: “God help America or any other country if the Communist Party ever gets strong enough to control labor and politics. God help us all!”

The Communists have been, still are, and always will be a menace to freedom, to democratic ideals, to the worship of God, and to America’s way of life.

I feel that, once public opinion is thoroughly aroused as it is today, the fight against Communism is well on its way. Victory will be assured once Communists are identified and exposed, because the public will take the first step of quarantining them so they can do no harm. Communism, in reality, is not a political party. It is a way of life – an evil and malignant way of life. It reveals a condition akin to a disease that spreads like an epidemic, and like an epidemic a quarantine is necessary to keep it from infecting the nation.


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Why should we be charitable?

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When the government legislates charity it isn’t charity at all – it’s a tax, because it is required payment to the government.  Many of us have heard the cliche’ “do you feel charitable at tax time?”  Obviously we don’t, but my reason for this post goes a little bit further and poses the spiritual question of charity.  Several ministers in the spotlight like Jim Wallis, Jeremiah Wright, Tony Campolo and even some not-so-famous like Ron Benefiel, Ron Sider, Tom Nees and their sphere of influence preach extensively on Social Justice and the spiritual or moral implication of it.  They put so much emphasis on Social Justice (which extends into Eco-Justice, Immigration-Justice and who knows what might be next…) that they go so far as to say that Jesus Christ calls us to fight against these ‘injustices’ – that we need to take a stand through our government to pass legislation for these so-called charitable causes.  After all, Jesus did call us to humble ourselves, help the needy, and give to the poor, did He not?  We are supposed to be charitable, right?  It’s morally right to do so, after all…

My question is why does He call us to be charitable in the first place? 

Well, let’s think about this for a second.  Jesus called us to humble ourselves, help the needy and give to the poor.  He never called us to humble ourselves to the government by giving them our charity (i.e. tax) so they can help the needy by distributing it to the poor.  He called us as i-n-d-i-v-i-d-u-a-l-s to do these things, why?

First, because our salvation is individual.  I cannot save you, just as you cannot save me – we will individually stand before God and account for our salvation.  We alone are humble before Him – salvation is NOT collective.

Second, because of our personal relationship to Jesus Christ, and as evidence of the commitment to Him, we will want to be charitable… when all things warrant our idle selfishness we will draw strength from and through Him to do as He called us to do – to be Christ-like.  And what will others see or think when they see us as individuals doing something humble or kind or charitable on our own (not legislatively)?  A receiver might say, “Why is he giving to me?  I was in need and he provided food for me…” or clothing or shelter or whatever the case may be.  The reason he gave was because of Christ!  The glory goes fully to the Lord!  And by our witness, others will come to know Him!

When the government “provides” these things, the government gets glory and not the Lord – He is removed entirely from the picture.  Is it not the Lord who is omniscient and knows our needs before we even speak them?  Although the elite few in the government who pretend to know all do NOT know what people ‘need’.  They just divvy up the welfare according to the Social Security Number of the recipient.  How personally relational is that? 

Lastly, Jesus also said that “we will always have the poor among us” (in other words, poverty cannot be alleviated and poverty will never end) – in fact, He said that to his disciples who were rebuking Mary for pouring a bottle of perfume, worth a year’s wages, on his feet and absorbing His awesome presence and restoration He made in her life.  The implication was from Judas Iscariot that the bottle of perfume could have been sold and ‘given to the poor’, when his real motivation was to have his hand in the treasury for himself.  Jesus made it very clear that our relationship to Him is the most important thing we will ever have – that all others come second, including giving to the poor.  BUT, because of His relationship to us, we will personally want to be like him and personally be charitable to others so that by our witness of His love towards others, they might be won over to Him.

Taking, yes, taking (i.e. taxing), from the wealthier class and redistributing it to the poor is also known as redistribution of wealth, also known as a classless society, also known as Marxism, also known as Communism.

Communism view on God?   It makes perfect sense now, doesn’t it – the government receiving the honor of being ‘charitable’.

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Ring it Again

It’s our slogan.  Let freedom ring, let freedom ring.

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